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Key features of Gentech minitubers,

Our micro plants are sourced from SASA (Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture)  – clones grown annually at SASA to check trueness to type.

We have in house micro plant sub-culture by a professional team of some 25+ people in peak season.

In house media and QC procedures ensure the production of the correct number of micro plants at the right time.

Professionalism, precision and attention to detail are key to successful variety introduction year on year.

Micro plants are grown in sterilised peat.

Slatted plastic boxes ensure proper drainage throughout the season.

Fully automatic environmental control system, with supplementary lighting and heating with back up generator.

Plants are inspected twice during the growing season by SASA to ensure trueness to type.

Air is filtered to exclude pathogens from the facility.

Plants are hand harvested and graded.

Stored in a dedicated cold store at 2 degrees Centrigrade.

Production advantages of GenTech mini tubers

Disease free status

History of production quantities

The above processes ensures our customers have consistency of product that they require.

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